SL Photography: I see real people

Welcome to this virtual gallery of my Second Life photographs. Please remember that the images shown here are a small sampling of my work. A full selection of my photographs is available at my Beach gallery and other galleries inworld.
En français Les images sont ici un petit échantillon de mon travail. S’il vous plaît visiter les galeries de SL pour voir la sélection complète des photos!
Deutsch Die Bilder stellen hier eine kleine Auswahl meiner Arbeit. Bitte besuchen Sie die Galerien der SL, um zu sehen, eine vollständige Auswahl von meinen Fotos!
In italiano  Le immagini qui riportate sono un piccolo esempio del mio lavoro. Si prega di visitare le gallerie di SL per vedere la selezione completa di fotografie!

Current Second Life exhibits include Cat’s Beach Gallery, Avalon and Art Center Gualdo. Please see my profile picks for a complete listing.

My challenge as a Second Life photographer is to show the human side of the female avatar: beautiful, natural and sensuous, as they relate to the SL environment, and to the camera. My photographs invite the viewer to share intimate moments; to find the story behind the picture.

SL may be a virtual world, but I think those of us who inhabit it realize that we are NOT virtual people. An avatar is more than the sum of its pixel parts! When I look at SL avatars I see grace, beauty, conflict, fear, playfulness… the whole gamut of the feelings and experiences that unite real people in SL just as they do in RL.

I bring my background in art and figure drawing to these unique photographs. I have studied the figure in places as diverse as the University of British Columbia and the Art Institute of Chicago. I found a unique opportunity in Second Life to show this virtual world and the people who inhabit it, in a way I had never seen before.

Second Life always surprises… a trick of light, an unexpected gesture or expression, a distortion, a moment captured just as it might be in Real Life.

Beautiful custom portraits are also available; please get in touch to find out more.

I hope you will enjoy the art you purchase as much as I enjoy creating it, and and I look forward to meeting you at my Second Life exhibits and gallery!

Please contact me in-world or email Cat if you have questions or are interested in purchasing more of my pictures.


Body Image Preview

Body Image by Cat Boccaccio on Vimeo.

May – June 2011


March – April 2011


January – February 2011



November – December 2010

Calendar Girls of Second Life 2011 available inworld for a limited time.

September – October 2010

The Caerleon Museum of Identity was a unique collaboration with almost 20 artisits participating under the theme of ‘Ambiguity of Identity’. Cat’s exhibit posed more questions than it answered, and in it she exposed 9 alt identities, all components of her RL persona. Here is Iono Allen’s machinima of the installation. Please enjoy!

July – August 2010

May – June 2010


March – April 2010

January – February 2010
November-December 2009

September-October 2009

tattoo alt wedding

malice 1 homesick
dont bogart - alt wedding harlequin
July-August 2009

strapped black background

dead in the water 2 gnose close light

rumour pink

May- June 2009

Ari sin

Water 3 views
Red vest burning grass
March – April 2009
kitchen-2 nude-1
 bride-wore-white-1 two women
dancing-girl-tattoo-1 dancing-girl-2
January – February 2009

on-a-bench-with-lds-stick-man valentine1-no-text

azura dead-in-the-bed


November – December 2008
image000031 cave-rag-1
dark-angel-wing naturist-dragonfly-lantern
September – October, 2008
snow-question close-10
gwen-3-smile-white-bg affection water-lilies-from-below
shelley-beach-3-nf lying-on-silk1 close-12


July – August 2008

PSPink crawl-2


May – June 2008


March-April 2008

Playfully Erotic

The Venice Sim

This is a beautiful sim with its canals, piazzas and marble palaces.

Venice Lightning venice-marble.jpg

Night Series




10 comments on “SL Photography: I see real people”

  1. your work, she is so lovely. In Italy, we make a saying, “the ass of the flower is prettier than the face of the ass.” I say that maybe, five or four times a day. Sometimes, i say it with my mouth full of pasta. So that is why you must continue to draw these photos and eat breakfast every day at noon.


  2. Ciao RAGo; the reason I sleep so late is because I toss and turn all night, fantasizing about the asses of my Italian comrades. And don’t speak with your mouth full. 🙂


  3. As my brother Rago say: your lovely work, she is like a day ina da sunshine only without the sunburn. Wait just one minute! Thats what I say all the time. Why that lousy spaghetti-head i am going to kick his ass up and down the boccie court for stealing words right offa my mouth!

    An Cat, your work, she is like a day ina da sunshine only without the sunburn.


  4. Lovely Cat! You are so talented hun.

  5. very good

  6. Lovely work. I enjoyed my tour of your shop. Left a tip.

  7. You are the Best Cat Lovely Work Doll…

  8. Pretty close to what a real female body would look like. More beautiful than a field of lilies!

  9. Cat, your balance and composition beautifully frames your stunning imagery. The female figure is a staple of fine art and you use it expressively and erotically. your work is as strikingly beautiful as any i have seen in sl. nice job!

  10. Hey goober,

    Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

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